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    Portal help



      Portal help



         I have a portal in my products database where i can list stock .i list wiring kits for that towbar is it possible to take this information eg price from the portal and add that to the towbar price or is there a easyer way to do this


      Andy Notton


      filemaker pro 10.3




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          Steve Wright

          Hi Andy


          There's not really enough information here to be able to give proper advice on (for me anyway) but ill try...


          If your using a portal, there obviously exists a relationship.


          So, lets say your table was named lineitems  (where you entered the towbar )

          If you had a field in here for a part number, this could be related to the products database


          LineItems -> ProductsDatabase 

          PartNo  =  PartNo


          By entering (or choosing from a value list) the part number of the wiring kit into the line items table

          you could then have it lookup the remainder of details, such as description, price etc.


          So for instance, the price field could be a lookup field.  When defining the field you could choose the options for



          Starting with table 'LineItems'

          Lookup from related table 'ProductsDatabase' 

          Then select price from the related fields. 


          I'm not sure if this is what your looking for though, so excuse me if I have read it wrong.

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               got it working ok now not sure what was wrong but ok now


            thanks for all your help