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    Portal Help



      Portal Help


      I'm making a player scouting database, so in the first table I have all of their informationas well as a report about them. I want to create another table putting in game scouting reports, so I would just need for fields first name last name team opponent Date an report for fields in this table. How do I link this table to make a portal so I can go back and read game reports for these players. I was thinking about linking the tables by the frist and last name, but it didn't work. Any suggestions??

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          You can indeed link the records by first name and last name, but this is not a good design. Names are not unique, people change their names and since you have to type in the names in the first place, if you mistype a name and then create some related records, correcting the error breaks the link to the related records unless you first find and correct the error in each of the related records.

          Here's a better way that avoids all that:

          Define an ID field in the first table as an auto-entered serial number. We'll call it PlayerID.

          Define a PlayerID field in your Reports table as a number field (no auto-entered serial number here).

          In Manage | Database | Relationships, drag from PlayerID in your first table to PlayerID in your reports table. You'll probably want to double click this relationship line and select: "Allow creation of records via this relationship" for the Reports table. Selecting the delete option for Reports is also something you may want so that you can delete a record from the first table and delete all the report records at the same time--just don't select this for your original table or deleting a report record will also delete the player's record and that could be a very bad thing for you.

          Now you can create a portal to your new table and can create report records in it simply by typing in the bottom blank row of this portal.

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            Ok The only question I have is there is ovber 10000 records in there already, is there a 1 click process for the ID # or do I have to assign a number by hand??

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              Check out Replace Field Contents.

              1. Make a back up copy of your file
              2. Put PlayerID on a layout based on your original table.
              3. Choose Show All Records
              4. Click or tab into the field
              5. Select Replace Field Contents from the Records menu
              6. Select the serial numbers option and keep the option to update it in Entry Options selected so that the next new record will be the next number in the series.


              Make back up copies when you are first learning how to use this file so you can toss it and try again if you don't get the results you expected. (Every record in your database will be modified in one pass and you can't undo it.)

              Don't do this on a multi-user file at a time when another user might be editing one of the records as record locking will cause Replace Field Contents to skip that record.


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                OK so The Player ID worked. Now is there a way on my Portal to set it up where on when I enter the player name in my other table ther player number automatically comes up or do I have to go back and look up the player's Player ID for every report I do I baskically have this first big table with like 60 fields of info. I want the Portal to have the players First Last name, Date, Their team, Opponent they are playing, and a report so now I can see all of the reports for a specific player and the dates in which they were created

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                  Don't put a player name field in the other table, just add the name field from your original table to the layout.

                  If you use a portal to originate all your report records, that fixes the whole issue.

                  If you want to switch to a reports layout to create a new report record and then assign it to a Player, you can format the Reports::PlayerID field with a drop down list that uses a two column value list. You specify the PlayerID number from your original table in column 1 and the player name in column 2. (You may need to define a full name calculation field in your original table so that this list can show the player's full name if you don't already have such a calculation field. You'll be using the name in column 2 in order to select an ID from column 1 which is what is entered into the field.

                  You'll have a pretty long list of names to scroll through if you need to go this route. You can use conditional value lists to prune the list down to a more manageable size (all players on a specified team rather than all players for example) and/or you can set up a scripted system where you enter a name and the system searches out the ID and enters it for you.

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                    Ok, I'll give it a try.

                    What I want out of the portal is on my original table say I have John Smith I have all his info his stats position height, etc.

                    WIth the Portal I want to place it at the bottom of the table and be able to scroll through all of the games that I saw him in during the year. I just want it sorted so When I go from record to record the player in that records scouting reports show up at the bottom.

                    Thank You for all of your help with this, I really apreciate the help

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                      It worked for the Player ID.


                      Two questions for Portals(Last one I promise haha.

                      Is there a way I can set a button on my layout for the Portal to appear besides just placing it on my layout itself.

                      My next question is on my portal can I use more than one line per record. I wanted to have first name last name team etc on the first line and then put the report on the next line. and let it take up 4 lines or so so I can enter a report and then the next record will show up on the next line so there is some space in between. SO the format would look like this

                      Kobe    Bryant    Los Angeles Lakers     12/19/19    vs Boston Celtics 

                      Kobe played a good game in the first half scoring at will on post ups and isolations

                      He should win MVP this year for sure, he needs to post up more in his offense


                      Now this doesnt allow me to single space so the format would have the first line next line say report and then the third line have the actual report and then the next record will show up on the next line or skip a space

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                        Is there a way I can set a button on my layout for the Portal to appear besides just placing it on my layout itself.

                        Yes and no. You can use the button to switch to a layout that looks just like the current layout but adds the portal. It will create the illusion that the portal just appeared. A simpler approach might be to but the portal inside a tab control so that you just click the tab when you need to see the portal.

                        With regards to portal format. The default format for portals is a kind of table or list type view of the related records, but you can create almost any format you want by choosing the portal options you want and then by altering the height of the portal row.

                        Click on the portal while in layout mode to get the selection squares to appear on the corners. Click towards the bottom so that you aren't clicking a field in the portal. Now drag one of the lower squares down to make the row taller. You'll also need to double click the portal to bring up portal set up so that you can reduce the number of rows displayed. You once you've made your portal row several inches tall, you can drag your fields around inside the portal and resize them as needed to get the look you want.

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                          I think you are headed for this table structure:


                          Where each scouting report is linked by playerID to a player record and by a gameID to a game record. Then a portal to your scouting reports on the players layout will list all scouting reports for that player (and you can set up filters on the portal to look at sub sets of these reports.) while a portal to scoutingReports on a Games layout will list all scouting reports for that game.

                          You might also have a similar set up linking Scouting Reports to a specific Team.


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                            That makes total sense, the only isue(and its not even a big issue) is the portal was formatted where the specific fields were listed on one line, so I got all the scouting reports for specific players because of what you told me to do,  the issue I was having is that the scouting report for each record may be a paragraph in length so instead of stretching my portal out to fit in the whole report I thought I'd put the report field on the second line of the portal and extend it down three lines or so so it would fit well. I tried to format the portal like I would a layout and move the fields around in the portal to format each record the way I wanted it, but when I tried it and put it in browse mode the format didnt work.

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                              Try it this way:

                              1. Enter layout mode and double click the portal to enter portal setup.
                              2. Specify that row 1 of 1 rows be displayed. (You may want more rows but get one row resized/re-arranged first, then you can go back and specify more than one if you want to.)
                              3. You now have a narrow one row portal. Click on a part of the portal not covered by a portal field. It's ok to move or delete a field temporarily to uncover a section so you can click the portal without also clicking a field.
                              4. Now drag a selection box down to make the portal row several rows of text tall. Reposition your fields within the portal and resize them as you want them. You can use the arrow keys to nudge them one pixel at a time if you need to. Make sure that all portal fields are from the same table occurrence you specified in Show Records from of the portal set up or from a related table occurrence and that they are all fully inside the portal boundaries.
                              5. Return to browse mode and test it to see if it works.
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                                Thank you for the help. Now the only thing I am working on is cleaning up my database. I have 1500 players in it, during a Pro Player draft the other night I made a Draft Layout where as players got drafted in certain rounds and picks they displayed in order of Round/Pick and had the top players avail based on a rating I gave them.


                                How do I put buttons on layouts so I can automatically go to different layouts that I have made or do I just scroll up top??

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                                  1. Enter Layout Mode.
                                  2. Use the button tool from the status area to draw a rectangle where you want your button.
                                  3. Select Go To Layout as your button action and select the layout you want it to take you to.
                                  4. Save your layout changes, enter browse mode and try it out.
                                  5. You can copy buttons from one layout and paste them into another.
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                                    You need to send me an address where I can send a gift certificate or something because you have been a life saver with this.


                                    Is there a way to set a script to go to a layout  and already perform a search and/or sort function?? Case and point if I was on my original Layout of all the players in all the different leagues and I wanted to just sort out top players by position of the NBA. Instead of going and going to FInd-NBA and Forwards and hen do a sort desending by rating. Is there a script I can use that will already do that for me??

                                    Also I love the advice for linking the players by player ID. THe only issue sometimes that I have is finding Player ID numbers. I mean I can do a player search on the original layout and then go back to my other table and then type the number in and its fine, but is there a way on my scouting report layout where I can type in the first and last name and then the ID # pops up?? RIght now its the other way around when I type the number in the name pops up in the layout which is cool I didnt know if there was a way to do the opposite.


                                    Thank You for all of your help!!!

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