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Question asked by mgxdigital on Nov 4, 2010
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Hi everyone,.

I'm having trouble with a relationship that relates to one of my portals.

I have a layout with a calculation field:

Orders_Cost     Calculation     = "0"

And another layout with a calculation field that i'm relating to the Orders_Cost

Sheet Cost_Total    Calulation    = Sum(Order Line_Cost)

I'm trying to relate these 2 fields so show orders in a portal with zero cost, and in another portal with cost.

One of my relationships is Orders_Cost < Sum(Order Line_Cost). This would be the portal to show any order where the cost is higher than Orders_Cost (which is Zero).

This relationship is not working.....

BUT....i texted this same wording via Conditional Formatting and it worked.

My Conditional Format was on the Sheet Cost_Total field and was a formula where Self>Orders_Cost...

This worked perfectly..but i can not get it to work with relationships!!

Please help!