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Question asked by Germain on Mar 27, 2011
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Portal Help



I am trying to program an Insurance Program including CRM and everything needed for an Agent.

I am running into some difficulties though.

I have 3 Main Tables : CLIENTS , POLICE and NOTES all of them are linked through a relationship of the client_id

within the Clients Layout, i made a tab to see if there are any Notes (a note being combined of Client Data and Police Data)

So i made a portal (see in picture) where you can see wether an entry exists or not. If no, i can create one , that's not an issue. however if already one exists, and i need to modify it, how can i select that 1 portal field so that i can modify the fields inside.

That's my first problem.

My second problem is i link to a second Layout (also Clients based) where i enter more data about the NOTES section , however i have a portal again , which is supposed to show multiple records of a client with multiple police's.

That it does not do.

Please see the pictures below.

Thanks for the help in advance.