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    Portal Help



      Portal Help



      I am trying to program an Insurance Program including CRM and everything needed for an Agent.

      I am running into some difficulties though.

      I have 3 Main Tables : CLIENTS , POLICE and NOTES all of them are linked through a relationship of the client_id

      within the Clients Layout, i made a tab to see if there are any Notes (a note being combined of Client Data and Police Data)

      So i made a portal (see in picture) where you can see wether an entry exists or not. If no, i can create one , that's not an issue. however if already one exists, and i need to modify it, how can i select that 1 portal field so that i can modify the fields inside.

      That's my first problem.

      My second problem is i link to a second Layout (also Clients based) where i enter more data about the NOTES section , however i have a portal again , which is supposed to show multiple records of a client with multiple police's.

      That it does not do.

      Please see the pictures below.

      Thanks for the help in advance.

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          anyone ?

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            "however if already one exists, and i need to modify it, how can i select that 1 portal field so that i can modify the fields inside."

            Sorry, but that doesn't make any sense. You can't put a field inside of a field. Please explain in more detail.

            I can see nothing wrong with your second picture of a portal. If it shows only one record here, then you would appear to have only one related note record for this client unless you have set up a portal filter to limit what notes records are shown in the portal. I also see what may be fields from the police table though I could be misintrepreting what I see here.

            I think this statement may provide a clue: 

            "(a note being combined of Client Data and Police Data)"

            By your relationships, this is not the case. A note is a record that links directly to a given client data. It is not linked to any records in the police table execept through an indirect link from Notes to client to police which will link any and all notes records for a given client to the same record in the police table (the first such related police record.)

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              ok , the first i got that resolved, this works now.

              however the second remains.

              as you can see in the picture , my first problem is that it doubles or triples the entries, it shows 2-3 times the same entry.

              however it should show multiple entries . please see a list view of polices and the same client. as this customer has 3 different Police's, it could be linked to the problem that it shows 3 times the same entry ? the refresh is not working or something like that ?

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                As I said in my last post, due to the way you have linked your tables. All notes records for a given client will link to the same police record. You would need a different relationship structure to link different notes records to specific police records.

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                  Can you please help me which relationship i would need to build please ?

                  Should I use a table occurrence ? Client_id and Police_ID linked to the Notes Table ?

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                    I don't know for sure as I don't know enough about how you intend to use this database.

                    I think you need this relationship:

                    Clients----<Police----<Notes   (----< means one to many )

                    Clients::_kp_clientID = Police::_kf_clientID
                    Police::_kp_policeID = Notes::_Kf_PoliceID

                    It's possible that you need this relationship:


                    Clients::_kp_clientID = Notes::_kf_clientID
                    Police::_kp_policeID = Notes::_kf_PoliceID

                    With the first example, any given police record is linked to only one client record and 1 or more note records can be linked to that same police record. In this example, you have a one to many relationship for clients to police and from police to notes.

                    In the second example, any given police record can be linked to any number of client records and any number of police records can be linked to any given client record. This is called a "many to many" relationship. In this case, any given Notes record documents a specific link between a given police record and a given client record.

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                      still the same problem , it remains the same.

                      I tried both, no difference.

                      do you have a mail address so i can send you the file maybe to look at it if you want ?

                      i linked the tables like this on the 2nd one :

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                        You can upload a file to a file sharing site and post the download link here, but first you need to answer the question:

                        Do you need a many to many relationship between Client and Police or one to many relationships from client to police to notes?

                        This is not a case of getting something to work. (Both options can be made to "work".) This is an issue of picking the relationship that allows your database to do what you need. So you need to decide which relationship structure is the better choice for you.

                        I deliberately have not gone into the details of how to do this as they differ depending on the relationship that you choose to use.

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                          well, to be frankly honest , i don't know , since i don't know the difference or advantages of either one. i just started to work with filemaker 2 weeks ago , so i am not at all at the top.

                          but as far as i can see it should work like this :

                          1 CLIENT can have MANY POLICE

                          1 POLICE can have only 1 CLIENT

                          1 NOTE can have 1 CLIENT

                          1 NOTE can have MANY POLICE

                          1 POLICE can have 1 NOTE

                          1 CLIENT can have MANY NOTE's


                          here is the copy of the DB

                          P.S. Thanks for your help, i appreciate that !

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                            ok, i seem to have solved it !

                            like this :

                            however, i have a new problem arrising now.

                            if i add a New NOTE from this page it should say 2 or 3 notes or whatever , however , id i click add new , it adds a new client , instead of a new Note. The Layout is Client Based, the Portal is Note based.

                            Thanks for the help !!!

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                              1 NOTE can have MANY POLICE

                              1 POLICE can have 1 NOTE

                              1 CLIENT can have MANY NOTE's

                              This part is not consistent with your earliest posts. It is consistent with your original relationship and what you experienced when you tried to use your database.

                              By your last post, notes should be linkded directly to Client and that's what you had originally. But if this is the case, then fields from the Police table should not be located inside the portal. I may have misinterpreted your original screen shots as I don't speak your language and the fields shown in the portal were not visible in the Relationship graph. I assumed that they were added from the Police table. If "NOTE can have Many Police, then you can't add fields from Police to the Notes portal as there could be many different records in Police that might be linked to it through client.

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                                r u referring to my last post now ? or did we overlap the posts ?

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                                  freaking out here, no it shows the data it should, but i can't add a new note correctly... if i do that it adds a client instead of a note. If i change the layout to Note , it adds the note, but does not show the related Police's in the Portal.... grrrr

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                                    The layout should refer to Client in "Show Records From" in Layout Setup...

                                    The portal should refer to Notes in "Show Records From" in Portal Setup...

                                    My previous post quoted from your post that immediately preceded mine.

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