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Portal help

Question asked by MarcMcCall on May 9, 2012
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Portal help


Hey guys,


I'm having a little trouble figuring out how to set this up. I have a table T15_Products, and 22 other occurences of it, T15_Products_CompID_1 through T15_Products_CompID_22.  They are linked:

T15_Products_CompID_1::ID_Product = T15_Products::CompID_1  through

T15_Products_CompID_22::ID_Product = T15_Products::CompID_22 in the relationship graph.  All 22 occurences ar linked in manner.


I have 2 layouts I'm using for linking related or compatible products together.  One is what I call the data entry and the other is a list view that I have sorted in sku_item_code decensing so I can see the different parts on the same layout.  I only use a few fields on this layout to display info of the part.  It has the ID_Product, which is an auto enter unique number, the Sku_item_code, and the part description.  Then I have the 1-22 compID fields.  When I want to relate the parts, I simpy enter the ID_Product of the part in one of the 22 fields, and when I go to the Data entry layout the infomation of that part is now visible on the layout.  What I want to do is have a portal if possible on the data entry layout that will show data from any of the 22 related parts if I link them on the list view layout.


I think I need to make some sort of flag field and then another occurance in the graph and make a link somehow, and use this for the portal but I'm stuck an how to make the flag to make the relationship with.


Any help would be appreciated.