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Question asked by RobertMcIntyre1616 on Jan 23, 2014
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Portal Help


     I am using FileMaker Pro 12 Adv (MAC)

       I am attempting to create 2 portals on a layout. The first portal is not a problem here is the table and the portal layout

     My Table fields:

     milagelog_id        Number                Indexed, Auto-enter Seral, Required Value, Unique, numeric Only

     vehicle                Text                       Indexed

     startmilage          Number

     endmilage           Number

     totalmiles            Calculation           from MilageLog, = end milage - start milage

     milagesum          Summary              = Total of totalmiles



     Data entry, Portal 1:


Vehicle      Start Milage   End Milage    Total Miles

     Truck1        0                       10                10

     Truck2        0                       15                15

     Truck1      10                       20                10

Truck3        0                         5                  5               


                                              Total Miles:   40



     I would like to make a second portal that will show the following on the same layout 


     none editable Portal 2


Vehicle        Total Miles

     Truck1         20

     Truck2         15

     Truck3           5


     How do I accomplish this?

     Thanks in advance!