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    Portal Help needed



      Portal Help needed


           Is it possible to have a portal that can display 1 field from Record 1 ,2, 3 and 4 on a portal row 5 6 7 8 on the next and so on?

           Im building a color swatch selector and a normal portal means far too much scrolling!


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               Sounds like you are describing something that can be done with the Horizontal Portal technique.

               You can set a portal to display 4 rows with initial row 1 and the next can show 4 rows with initial row 5 and then the first portal shows the first 4 records and the second shows the next. You can even set up a grid or a row of one row portals with this method.

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                 Hi Phil

                 I think I have heard of this technique.

                 Can you describe in more detail? What I need to build will resemble a color picker you would find in any graphics software.