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Portal Help needed...

Question asked by QueryJoel on Jul 11, 2009
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Portal Help needed...


Hi, I've a question with regards to portal display... to illustrate my problem:


Layout 1:  Portal contains a list of names pertaining to Main Category  (in which a user can edit or go to Layout 2 to edit details for a particular portal row)

Eg.  Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Area, Bedroom etc...


Layout 2:  Has a portal pertaining to a list of Subcategory items that relates to a particular Main Category item 

Eg.  under Kitchen, I've cups, saucers, pot, pans... 



How do I display the Main Category portal (with the same names eg. kitchen, living room, etc..) in Layout 2 on the same page as the Subcategory portal?


Your help will be greatly appreciated!  Big thanks!