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    Portal Help needed...



      Portal Help needed...


      Hi, I've a question with regards to portal display... to illustrate my problem:


      Layout 1:  Portal contains a list of names pertaining to Main Category  (in which a user can edit or go to Layout 2 to edit details for a particular portal row)

      Eg.  Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Area, Bedroom etc...


      Layout 2:  Has a portal pertaining to a list of Subcategory items that relates to a particular Main Category item 

      Eg.  under Kitchen, I've cups, saucers, pot, pans... 



      How do I display the Main Category portal (with the same names eg. kitchen, living room, etc..) in Layout 2 on the same page as the Subcategory portal?


      Your help will be greatly appreciated!  Big thanks! 

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          Additional points... even with the full display of the Main Category portal, it has to be able to navigate to any portal row item in Layout 2...


          Eg.  I can click on Living Room (of main category) and go to the portal row display of Living Room within Layout 2 

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               Hi wondering if there's any solution to this... appreciate it lots.. thank you
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              Thank you for your post.


              Although I'm having a little difficulty understanding the layouts, it sounds from your second post that you may want to use "Go to Related Record".  That is, you can click a button in the Main Category portal of layout 1, and it will take you to the related record in layout 2.


              Now, in Layout 2, create a portal back into Main Category, and it should show you all linked records for this particular sub-category.


              If you need clarification, please let me know.



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                Hi TSGal,  thank you so much for your follow-up reply.  My apologies... I guess my explanation wasn't very good in the beginning.  Let me try again to illustrate in another example:


                In Layout "Home" page, it shows the records from table "Job Overview" and in this same layout, I've a portal called "Rooms to Renovate" and this portal is intuitive in a sense it can bring me to the related record (which is in another layout called "Details". 


                In layout "Details" page, it is setup to show records from table "Renovation costing" and in this layout, I've 2 portals. One is "Line Costing"  (tat shows e cost of various renovation works for the related record of Rooms to Renovate) and the second is the same "Rooms to Renovate" portal.


                Because I wish to able to go to other records of "Rooms to Renovate" from "Details" without having to go back to "Home" layout.  


                Right now, my "Details" layout does not display the full list of Rooms that is displayed in my "Home" layout which i can understand why... but how do I work around this so that I can have these two portals on one layout?



                My sincere apologies if my explanation is still not good enough.  I really look forward to a solution... Thank you so much for looking into my case.



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                  Thank you for the clarification.


                  You will need to create a second table occurrence of "Renovation Costing". Then, link "Renovation Costing" to "Renovation Costing 2".  If you set the link so that the "key" field does not equal the "key" field, this would display all records other than the current record.  However, this would include all "Job Overview" records.  Therefore, the link would be "Job Overview" equals "Job Overview" and your key field in Renovation costing not equalling each other.  Does that make sense?



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                    Hi TSGal,  thanks for ur lovely reply.  It certainly brings more clarity into my issue...


                    Just a couple of questions:


                    1)  When you refer to the "key" field, are you referring to the primary/foreign key ID of the tables? 

                         The field that link "Job Overview" to "Rooms to Renovate" is kp_ID and kf_ID 

                         The fields that link "Rooms to Renovate" to "Line costing" is kf_ID and Item_Name


                    2)  With your solution,.. Layout "Details" is still setup to show records from "Renovation Costing" ?  


                    3)  Which related records should my second portal show from?  Second portal is the list of "Rooms to Renovate"



                    Big thanks to your consistent follow-up... truly appreciate it.  Will check this thread in the morning as i'm in Asia timezone.  Cheers TSgal! 

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                      1. Yes, I am referring to the primary/foreign key that links the two tables together.  I should have probably used "link" field.


                      2. Yes, the "Details" layout is still setup to show records from "Renovation Costing" in the portal.


                      3. Your second portal is the list of "Rooms to Renovate", which is a relationship into the current table.  However, since you are in the "Details" Layout, with the way your portal is set up now, you will only see records for that particular Detail record.  That is why the portal needs to change.  Make sure the link keeps the same "Job Overview" but the primary ID for the Details (which I don't know) is not equal to the primary ID of the second occurrence of Details.



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                        Hi TSGal, I tried but it doesn't work and then when I went thru again, I realised that my explanation is wrong.  My deepest apologies.


                        My current setup  is as follows:-


                        Job Overview (layout name): shows records from "Jobs" (table) and has a "Rooms to Renovate" (portal)  


                        Details (layout name): shows records from "Rooms to Renovate" (table) & has two portals

                        1. "Line Costing"

                        2. "Rooms to Renovate"



                        "Jobs" (table) is linked to "Rooms to Renovate" (table) via  kp_ID and kf_ID field respectively

                        "Rooms to Renovate" (table) is linked to "Line Costing" via kf_ID and Item_Name


                        The portal "Rooms to Renovate" in both layouts has Room_Name as a common field.

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                          No apologies necessary.  It's all part of the learning process.


                          "Jobs:kp_ID" links to "Rooms To Renovate::kf_ID".  This is straight-forward.


                          "Rooms To Renovate::kf_ID" links to "Line Costing::Item_Name".  Although straight-forward, I would have used a different ID field, since Item_Name usually denotes a description.


                          In your "Details" layout, which is based upon "Rooms to Renovate", you have two portals.  The first to Line Costing is straight forward.


                          In the Rooms To Renovate portal, you want to show all the records that have the same kf_ID number but not the current Room_Name.  In order to do this, you need to create a second table occurrence, which you may have already done.  That is, go into "Manage -> Database..." from the File menu, click the Relationships tab, and a graphical representation of your tables is displayed.  In the bottom left corner, click the icon with a plus sign to add a new table.  Select the table "Rooms to Renovate", and now a "Rooms to Renovate 2" displays.  For now, click the kf_ID field in "Rooms to Renovate" and connect it to the kf_ID field in "Rooms to Renovate 2" table.


                          Between the two tables, there is a line with an icon halfway between.  Double-click this icon, and an "Edit Relationship" dialog box appears.  On the left side, select Room_Name, and on the right side, select Room_Name.  In the middle, change the equal sign to not equals (≠).  Click the "Add" button, and in the middle, you will now see something like:


                          kf_ID = kf_ID

                          AND Room_Name ≠ Room_Name


                          Click OK, and the relationship is set.


                          Now, you can change the existing portal.  Go into Layout Mode (from the View menu) and double click on the second portal.  Where it says "Show related records from:", change the pop up from "Rooms to Renovate" to "Rooms to Renovate 2".


                          Let me know how this works.



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                            This is wonderful!!  It works!!  Thanks TSGal!


                            Clarification on my prev msg:   "Rooms To Renovate::kf_ID" links to "Line Costing::kf_ID"   and "Rooms To Renovate::Item_Name" links to "Line Costing::Item_Name"


                            Thanks again to you... and your step by step comprehensive explanation is very helpful :) 

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                                 Btw TSGal,... in your experience,.. do you think my kind of database which also includes scripts, calculation of renovation cost and churning out estimates, invoices etc..  is adaptable to FM app on iphone... as in if the iphone is capable of handling not just data entry of so many fields, database updates, and do printouts?
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                                First, I'm glad you were able to make your database work the way you want.


                                At this time, FileMaker, Inc. does not make an application for the iPhone.  However, there is at least one third-party application that mimics FileMaker Pro on the iPhone called FMTouch.  I don't know if your solution would work with that product, so I would suggest contacting them directly for more information.  Using a web search browser, I see the link is:





                                FileMaker, Inc.