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Portal help required?

Question asked by diggydog on Oct 7, 2010
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Portal help required?


Hi, I need some help with a portal which I need to overcome.

I have 4 tables being company, product, purchase_order and order_product. The portal is set as follows:

purchase_order (is master) and order_product (is detail / portal)

The system works fine and the portal (order_product) displays records relevant to the purchase_order.

The product_description field (not primary key) in order_product looks up values using a value list from the product table.

What I want to do is to filter the value list so that it only offers values relevant to the company_name selected in the purchase_order part of the form.

i.e if the company selected is called Glass Company, the value list shows only Glass products.

Each product record that is stored in the product table has a company_name applied.

Hope this is understandable! Any help would be appreciated.