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    portal highlighting rows



      portal highlighting rows


      Hi All,


      I have a portal with 3 rows. When I click on a row inside the portal, it highlights the whole row's background black. How do I make it so it doesn't do this?


      Thanks :)

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          If entire row is turning black when selected, it could mean that you aren’t selecting a field but clicking into the portal row itself.  Entering a portal row turns black to signify that you are in a specific row.


          If you click into a field (and it is enterable) then it won’t turn black.  Are you allowing entry into any fields?  Do you have any space in the portal row which is not used by a field?


          What is the result you want?  Do you want the active row to turn a different color other than black to signify the active row or do you want no indicator of which row you are in (or has been selected)?


          UPDATE:  Please provide your FM version.




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            I don't know all that much about Fm... but it could be that there is an invisible/shape in the portal row that when selected has a formatted, conditional value. 


            Hope that helps...

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              FileMaker natively highlights the portal when you are not in a field in the portal row.


              You should try your best to answer the questions Laretta asked.

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                Yes there are fields and when I click on the field it doesn't turn black, and yes there is some general narrow gaps that aren't used by fields.


                I'm trying to get rid of the native highlighting that happens when you're in a portal row but not in a field.


                I have FM Pro 11 Advanced. I'm sorry for not saying this before!


                Thanks for your quick replies :)

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                  "yes there is some general narrow gaps that aren't used by fields."


                  You can stop Users from selecting the row itself (and turning it black) by two methods:


                  1) Resize your fields so they completely fill your portal

                  2) Create a rectangle and attach a button to it with simple:  Go To Field [ your favorite portal field which is enterable ]


                  Place the rectangle behind your fields (but within the portal row).  Then turn it transparent (and remove the borders as well) so it becomes invisible.  Then when your User accidently clicks the row instead of a field (or enterable field), the script will fire and place their cursor within the field you specify as the one they are likely to start in.


                  "I'm trying to get rid of the native highlighting that happens when you're in a portal row but not in a field."


                  You can't.  But why would you want to lose the ability to know which row you are on (and you WILL lose that ability) if the row doesn't highlight AND if you are not in a field within the row.  You haven't really answered what behavior you want so I gave you a few options to stop the highlight entirely.  If you want highlighting but not native, you can use a variety of techniques to highlight a selected row (some methods include script triggers) but I wouldn't know what to suggest because I still am unsure of exactly what you want other than stopping native highlight. :smileyhappy:

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                    That's an interesting idea. However is there a way I could do the button thing but make it not go to a particular field? For example if I just wanted to browse/scroll through the portal (this portal isn't just a one-line kind of portal, it has about 14 fields that have some larger rectangles). Ideally I guess I would want to be able to turn off the native highlighting, or change it to a different color (white or at least light gray, the black is very distracting). Thanks :)

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                      On the script you attach to the transparent rectangle, just attach:  Commit Records/Requests.  In this way, if the User clicks into the row (and doesn't enter the field), it will pop the cursor right back out and the background won't turn black.   I like it and use it sometimes ... it gives me a feeling of power.  Ha ha!! :smileyvery-happy:

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                        Haha that does work pretty well! A few small things:


                        -The button keeps getting lost in all the layers, I can't seem to target it because it's in the background of the portal row and it's transparent. Is there an easier way to click on it?


                        -When I click the button, while holding the left mouse button, it still turns black. Is there a way to make it not be black when I click?

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                          Err, to clarify:


                          First point above I mean in edit-layout mode


                          Second point above I mean in browse mode

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                            Nevermind about the first point, I (kind of) figured out how to consistently find the button :)


                            For the second point, I just want the transparent rectangle button to not become highlighted while it is being clicked. I can't seem to figure out how to do so!

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                              Script buttons will highlight when being clicked and nothing can change that behavior.  All you can do is change the color of the rectangle so that, depending upon its color, will change the color when it is clicked.  So you might play around and actually color your triangle (if you can stand it).


                              For instance:


                              A white triangle will turn black.

                              A black triangle will turn white.

                              A green triangle will turn purple and so on.  But only if the lum (in your color palette) hits 165 or lower, will the click-color change from black to another color.  I've found the colors too dark to be worth it; I would prefer the black when clicked.  And yes, we *should* be able to control the click color.


                              I would really consider making your fields big enough to fill all of the row.  The data inside the fields can be placed as you want it using Align (text top, middle or bottom) vertically, centering alignment horizontally and spacing above/below.  As long as your fields have no borders (or line up perfectly on portal/row borders), it should work just fine.  But it would only help (eliminate the black) if the fields are all enterable.


                              As for finding a transparent rectangle, yes, it can be chore since you can't see the borders of it and its innards are not selectable.  An easy trick is to zoom in (so the pixels increase in size) and then you click the edges easier.  I wait until I get the object placed (leaving it on top) until I have it precisely placed, clicking to test it fills the portal perfectly and only then send it to the back.  Another option is drag around the entire first row then click each field (which deselects them) so all you have left is the transparent rectangle.



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                                LaRetta, thanks for your responses. They've been extremely helpful! I love that this forum is very active with many many people so willing to help newbies like me :)


                                I see your point about the click-highlighting. Sometimes it's nice to not be actively in a field because if I accidentally hit a key, I wouldn't want it to be written in the field if I didn't realize. I'll consider your suggestions carefully.


                                Just one last question, which I'm guessing is probably a no but I'll ask anyway :) Is it possible to change the native highlighted color when you're in a portal row but not actively in a field? Ideally I'd change that to black. Or is there anything other than a button I can replace the transparent rectangle with, something that I can make solid white?

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                                  Oops I meant "Ideally I'd change that to white."

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                                    Sorry, not that I know of.  But then ... I don't know everything.  Maybe others have ideas as well.