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    Portal in Filemaker Pro 10



      Portal in Filemaker Pro 10


      I have successfully upgrade my relational files from 5.0. The protal is not working right. I can't change field entry in some fields. I get the message, "this record can not be modifiedin this window because it is already being modified in a different window. I have to change over to the other file to make the changes. It is also affecting calculations in my inventory fields since the field is acting like 2 different fields in my portal.

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          Did you use FMP10 or FMP10 Advanced to Convert your files.

          Did you open them one at a time or drop all of the files on FMP10 at one time?

          Did you look at the log file about the conversion? Any Errors listed? 

          Maybe do a recovery of the files in FMP 5.5 BEFORE converting...

          Maybe do a recovery of the files in FMP 10 AFTER converting...

          Are you consolidating the files (2?, 3?, more?) into one FMP10 Database or leaving them discrete?

          Any files renamed during the conversion?

          Are the Manage Database > Relationships TAB accurate?

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            One of the most significant changes made in version 7 is the way records are committed. This is covered in the migration white papers available from FMI site.


            The error message indicates that a record has been modified in another window (most likely in a window of the child file), but not yet committed. This is a quite common issue with converted scripts, since commiting records was not necessary in previous versions.

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                 The way that records are committed seems to be my problem. I re converted my 2 troubled files togethor, making sure that delete related record was checked. It has solved my biggest problem. I realize that I have to click my mouse outside of the portal for records to committ. I will have to get used to this until I can find a work around. Thanks for the help.