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Portal information display question

Question asked by natwroy on Feb 16, 2010
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Portal information display question


I am trying to get a layout that I call "Customers pricelist" to show a listing of all the tests I offer and allow me to enter the price for every test that they can take. Every customer is going to order every test multiple times during the year. At the beginning of each year they renegotiate their test prices based on how much they ordered the year before.  I need this "Customer" layout in the database that lists all 50 possible tests and 50 spots for prices so that I can easily update all of the prices that customer is going to pay for the next year. Then monthly I will invoice them for the tests they have had taken that month and of course I need to be able to go back through the invoices from last year and not have had the price change on the previous years invoices even though I update the price for the test every year. 


Right now I have four tables CUSTOMERS, INVOICES, TESTS, and TEST_PRICES.  CUSTOMERS is linked to INVOICES as a one to many. INVOICES is linked to TEST_PRICES as a one to many. TEST_PRICES is linked to TESTS as a many to one.


I have the field test_name from the TESTS table and the field price from the TEST_PRICES table in a portal on the "Customers pricelist" layout, but a list of test_name isn't showing up. 


Can someone please tell me how to set this up, and if any of my table relationships are wrong please tell me. I don't have any production information in this yet so I can change anything. I am using Filemaker 10 on a mac and I'm a newbie. Thanks.