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    portal inside portal



      portal inside portal


           I realize that this can't be done, but what is the right approach to the situation?

           In a Curriculum table there are fields keyID, gradeyear and Subject

           In table GradeYear there are fields KeyID, grade, and year

           These two tables are joined by an = relationship Curriculumm::Grade  to  GradeYear::Grade  and  Curriculum::Year to GradeYear::Year

           In table Textbook there are fields KeyID, and textbook        This table is joined by Textbook::KeyID to Curriculum:KeyID

           In a layout from the table GradeYear I want display the Subject and then the Textbook  when sorted by the GradeYear::Year and GradeYear::Grade

           Like this







                                 Textbook::Textbook      and so on




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               Defining relational databases are covered in the first five links here.

               What do you have and how is it to be reported....

               A Textbook will always be for a specific subject?

               Grade Subjects will have Textbooks that can change from Year to Year....

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                 There are several approaches to getting around the "no portal inside a portal" limitation.

                 One is to have a pair of portals side by side that are "synched" with buttons/scripts such that selecting a portal row in portal 1 displays the records related to that portal record in portal 2: Need layout solution for nested portals...

                 Another method is to use a list view layout based on the Portal 1 layout and then The "inner portal" would be put in the body of this list view.

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                   I don't want to have to select a button to get the results if possible. In the list view as mentioned would I be able to summarize by the year and grade fields?

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                     That should be possible.

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                       In addition to the original post and  I failed to mention it,  is that I'm trying to display it from the student table which is relate by Student::KeyID to GradeYears::KeyID.  I'm posting the file for you to see what I'm trying to do. From the student details layout I want to select the student curriculum tab and display the curriculum for that particular student. it would look something like this





                       I may not have the database structured properly? 

                       why can't i post the file?

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                         The Table Occurrence on which you base the layout is critical. If you have this relationship: Table1----< Table2---<Table 3, (----< means "one to many" ) the list view method that I briefly mentioned must be based on Table 2--the "middle" table occurrence. That way, you can include fields from Table 1 in a sub summary layout part and place a portal to table 3 in the body of the layout.

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                      /files/9f01575032/Screen_Shot_2014-02-12_at_6.46.24_PM.png 717x412
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                             First off, you have 4 tables involved instead of three:


                             The relationship shown in red is the major problem here. It's what I call an "amorphous many to many" relationship. Any given record in Curriculum can link to any number of records in GradeYears and vice versa. It's not a "true" many to many relationship or you'd have a join table between them managing the links between them.

                             If you base your layout on GradeYears, not Students, ( This is the "table 2" that I was referring to), then you could place Fields from Students in a Subsummary layout part "When sorted by Student_IDKEY". You can then add a portal to Textbooks in the body and it would list all textbooks for each GradeYear. BUT this will not provide a "break down" by subject. And note that for a given Grade and year, you'll get the same list of textbooks in every case as your students are linked to the same set of curriculum records in each such case.


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                               Ok thanks. Ive looked at creating a join table but not sure how to do it. how would it work in this situation?

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                                 First, let's make sure that we are on the same page here.

                                 If there are 5 students, Grade 10, year 2014. Do they each link to curriculum records that are different for each student? (One student takes Geometry, English, and Cooking; another takes Chemistry, Japanese, and ....)

                                 Or do all students of the same grade and year get the same curriculum?

                                 This is where I think that your current data model fails to work as you need it to.

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                                   5 students in grade 10 all take the same subjects no exceptions

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                                     backing up a bit the reason for creating the grade years table in the beginning (its grown from just a student database into a curriculum) was to create a list of years that that student is going to be in school based on their birthdate and a filterdate to determine when the school starts for that child. filterdate =<9/1(getbirthYear) or > 9/1(getbirthYear)+1.  and then the records (grades K - 8 are created in the grade year table after the student is committed in the student table.  so for every student there are 9 grade year records

                                     then later i wanted to create subjects and define them a year and grade so i started a new table called curriculum . so in a curriculum year there are 8 subjects (which have many textbooks created in another table) and 9 grades so 72 records are created for every year

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                                       But then all 5 students will show the same exact list of text books, correct? Seems redundant unless you want this report for a single student across multiple years. Is that what you had in mind?

                                       Off topic:


                                            5 students in grade 10 all take the same subjects no exceptions

                                       Glad I didn't attend that high school! (But maybe you have a school for younger students than high school...)

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                                         yes thats right the report could be called from the year and grade but also wanted to from a student. I mentioned no exceptions now ill rephrase that a bit. I did have in mind that if a particular need in the future arose it could include an exception maybe I should set it up that way so to include that. This is a small private school that goes thru the 8th grade.

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