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Portal issue

Question asked by Fagreement on Oct 23, 2012
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Portal issue



     I have a table named Item, and another ItemAuthor and a third one named Author. So the ItemAuthor is a cross table between the 2 others (an item can have more than one author, and an author can write more than one item).

     Now in my data entry layout, connected to Item, I am displaying all the fields of the Item. till now it is ok.

     Now how can I allow the user to insert, through a portal, multiple author for this item? what i need is to let the user select an Author from a list box that exist in every record in the portal.

     What I did, but doesn't work, is to insert a portal in this layout and linked to ItemAuthor table, and I put the field ItemAuthorID inside as a list box. doesn't work :(