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    Portal Issue



      Portal Issue


           Good afternoon,

           I'm pretty new to FM, but I've been an Access/VB/SQL/.NET developer for awhile now. I'm working on a solution using FM12 Pro Advanced, and this is something simple, but I guess I am missing something. I created a simple table with 8 fields, and a layout that allows the EU to enter data there. I want to create another layout that simply shows a subset of data from the original table, limited by a value from one of the fields in the table. I want this to be a portal view, where several records, sorted chronologically, will be available to the EU. However, when I try to populate the portal with records, every selection I have is grayed out. (See attachment.)

           Why am I not able to select a table here for the portal?




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               Portals display records based on a relationship.  The tables are grayed out because they are not related to the primary table.

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                 Fair enough, but for example, on the Microsoft side, if I want a form to display all records where the status is opened, I would create a query, and link the form to the query as the data source. How do I do that in FileMaker?

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                   Filemaker does it with Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences?, the "boxes" found in Manage | Database | relationships.

                   You can open that window/tab panel and click your existing table to select it, then click the ++ button to duplicate the table occurrence. This creates a new reference to the same table and now you can define a relationship between two occurrences of the same table. You can use special match fields or a portal filter to limit the records to just those with status= "open".