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Portal Issue

Question asked by geauxvols on Apr 25, 2013
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Portal Issue


     Good afternoon,

     I'm pretty new to FM, but I've been an Access/VB/SQL/.NET developer for awhile now. I'm working on a solution using FM12 Pro Advanced, and this is something simple, but I guess I am missing something. I created a simple table with 8 fields, and a layout that allows the EU to enter data there. I want to create another layout that simply shows a subset of data from the original table, limited by a value from one of the fields in the table. I want this to be a portal view, where several records, sorted chronologically, will be available to the EU. However, when I try to populate the portal with records, every selection I have is grayed out. (See attachment.)

     Why am I not able to select a table here for the portal?