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Portal issue, please HELP!!!

Question asked by a_sun on Jun 14, 2010
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Portal issue, please HELP!!!


    Hi, Please HELP!

    I have created a portal summary which allow end user to do 2 action in same row.

    1st action is allow end user to tick the Options.
    2nd allow end user to select the Status from the drop down list.

    how should i do it, if i want each "Options" have itself "Status", eg.
    - "Options" value = N/A, Cutting, Binding, Finishing, Folding, Packing (display with check box)
    - "Status" value = Printed, Ready for binding, Ready for folding, Ready for finishing, Ready for packing, Ready for Ship (display with drop down list)

    I have created the portal summary with:
    Each row have "Options" which display with check box & 6 drop down list in each row which allow end user to select the "Status" for the "Options" Action.

    My issue is I don't know how to control the "Status" for each "Options".
    If each status specify same field name, the result are all the same selection
    but if i specify different field name, how do i relationship with the main Status (which is related with whole system database)?

    Sorry for my bad english, hope my explanation is clear enough.

    Thanks in advance,