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Portal Issues

Question asked by heath on Nov 19, 2012
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Portal Issues


     I have a layout setup to intake field technician data sheets.  Within this layout I have a portal that generates records for samples taken in the field.  Each sample number is the same as field data sheet number, but a letter is added to the end to signify it’s a corresponding sample.  Example:  If the field sheet number is 7209 and there was 4 samples taken, then the sample numbers in the portal would be 7209A, 7209B, 7209C, 7209D.  As it sits, the portal draws the field sheet number into each line without the addition of the sequential letter.  My first question is this…  How do I automatically add a sequential letter to the end of the number? In the screen shot “Capture2e” you will see what the portal looks like empty.  By click the “Add Cylinder” button it adds a line to the portal as seen in “Capture3e”.  I have added letters to the end manually; as you will see the last line is without a letter.  This is how each line normally appears. 

     My second question is, why does a line always exist in the portal even though there are no records added yet.  As you will seen in “Capture2e” there is an empty line with my trashcan at the end of it.  How do I get rid of this line until someone pushes “Add Cylinder”.

     My third question relates to what seems to be an anomaly.  The “CAST DATE” date field in the portal is also automatically populated from the date of the field sheet record.  Sometimes it populates and sometimes it does not.  Please refer to the screen shots that I have attached to see what I am talking about.  If I press add cylinder 50% of the time the date will appear in the portal and the other half it will not.  To correct this, the user must delete the line in the portal and repeat the procedure.  After doing this it works for all the rest of the lines.  But if I start a new field sheet and group of cylinders in the portal I am back to the 50% working again. See image “Capture4”  Very strange!