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    Portal Issues



      Portal Issues


           I'm using the Expense Report template from Filemaker 12.  When I try to enter new data into a portal, all my calculations go into effect, but after clicking outside the portal, the information I just put in just disappears.  Is there a solution for this? 



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               Have you made any changes to the design of this file?

               Have you imported any data into it from other sources?

               If you imported anything, what did you import?

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                 I have not imported any data.  The design of the actual portal has not been changed, and no changes to the tables have been made.    I did make one of the fields global, but I will test the original template to see if the same problem occurs.  Also, this problem doesn't always happened.  Earlier, I was inputting data, and it was fine...

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                   I added a "Save" button next to my portal with the script "Commit Records/Requests".  Do you think that would be an appropriate solution?  I tested it, and it seems as if the portal really is saving the data I input now after I press the save button.  However, I'm not sure if there might be any underlying issues or something like that.  

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                     Filemaker automatically saves data and short of a script deleting data or reverting the input, there's really no way for the data not to be saved. Your button does the same thing as would happen if you clicked an empty part of the layout background--which also saves the data.

                     Unless you have published this to the web using IWP? In that situation data entered into fields on the web browser need to be saved (Committed) back to the database.

                     If this has not been published to the web, exactly which layout do you have open and on what hardware? (Computer, iPhone or iPad?)

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                       Which layout are you on?  In Desktop> Expense Report> Report Details seems to work fine for me.

                       Which field did you make global?

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                         Yes, I am on Desktop> Expense Report> Report Details.  I made the rate a global number.  It might also be because I added an add record button to the Desktop> Expense Report layout, and I have been clicking it to make new Expense reports?  because when I add records using ipad/iphone layouts, then it works (but those don't use portals).  

                    It might also have to do with me deleting the entire expense portal on the Report details.... haha.  I'm testing that right now on a new template.  

                    yep, it's definitely this.  I'm not exactly sure why, but when I deleted the expense portal from the Report details, everything started going haywire.  However, I only need the mileage layout/table for the project that I'm doing, so I hope you guys can help me to figure out what's going on.

                         To Phil:  I am using a desktop computer.  This has not been published to the web.  The data just randomly deletes itself when I click outside of the portal, so I added this button in case that happens.  



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                           I made a new layout with mileage data, and it doesn't seem to be adding records when I add to the portals .... I am so frustrated.  The save button also failed to work.  

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                             I'm guessing you didnt set up your relationships correctly or you may have deleted something you need.

                             The starter solution is missing some important features that would make life easier.

                             For one, when you add a new expense record, are you populating the Employee Name and ID?

                             Open up a new Starter Solution and put the relationship graphs side by side and check to see if your graph matches the original (click on all the "=" signs and see if the relationships are the same, and reference the same fields.  Especially if you switched a field to global, it may not have switched in calculation, triggers, etc.

                             Also check out the Data Table.  There are calculations that reference Rate that may need to be changed.

                             Hard to tell without seeing the file