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Question asked by SydneyBlock on Aug 19, 2014
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Portal Issues & Displaying Checkbox Field Selection in Alternate layout


     Good afternoon!

     My database was initially created by my manager using a starter solution. I created a lot of additional tables and relationships in order to add multiple entries for one Personnel Record.

     I am now trying to set up another layout, based on the Personnel Records table, to act as a pre-formatted printable resume for estimating packages. The tables are already related, but during the development of my Resume Layout, a lot of fields are not displaying any information. 

     Attached are a couple pictures of what is currently going on. If you notice, my portal is not displaying any records, even though there are records available. Also, in the grey rectangle, There are fields that are from the current table, Personnel Records, and some that are from a related table, Education.

     Degree type and Common Degree are check box sets based on a custom value list. How can I format the field on the Resume Layout to show the selection made on the check box set?


     Any help is greatly appreciated.