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Portal Issues - Adding New Entries

Question asked by Mitch on Jan 2, 2011
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Portal Issues - Adding New Entries


Hi,  I have an issue with one of my portals within my database which is basically two parts.  

The second part of my database hold records of customers names and a portal which adds contact numbers and other information.  

The first part of my database holds information regarding jobs, it has a portal to add the customers (Lookup with the second part) and within that portal to add which contact numbers are being used (lookup function from the portal in the second part).

All the portals are sorted time created ascending and adding a new portal record will create a new entry and go to the last entry to add data.  It all works fine.

However, when I wish to add a new portal record in the second part (new contact number to an existing customer name) the exiting portal records all shift down one spot, leaving the new record added at the top of the portal and the curser ready to edit the last entry.  Which, was in fact the second last entry... 

The data has been imported and it only happens when adding portal records in the second part.

I assume it has something to do with the 'time stamp created' data and the import function which would perhaps reset this, hence the new record being added to the top of the portal and the curser going to the last record at the bottom.  But this does not explain the portal in the first part of my database, which does not have this issue.....?

Hope this all makes sense....