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Portal Issues! Please Help if you can

Question asked by camposr on Jun 25, 2010
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Portal Issues! Please Help if you can


OSX 10.6

Filemaker Pro 11



The portal i have set up right now allows me to add people who worked on that specific project and pulls up the name and information of that person from a related table... now in that same portal i have some fields that are not looked up... these fields allow me to input how much each person was paid in the project... the problem im running into is that these fields that are not looked up cant have different values stored in them.... for example If I type in 500 for the final fee of person A every other person i add will have a final fee of 500.... i know this happens because this field is not being looked up and is part of the table i am in so it will give that value to all the fields with that name....


Is there a way i could have that be blank for every person i add to the project


Ohh and i tried creating a final fee field in the Contacts Table (where the portal gets most of its info) and that solved the problem within a project because each person can have a different final fee.. but i didint think about the fact that when i move on to a new project it would pull up the final fee information for that person from the previous one...


I know my explanation might be very confusing but any little bit of information would help!



Thanks so much for your time!