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    Portal join table glitch



      Portal join table glitch


      I seem to have a really strange problem with displaying related data in a portal. 

      I have the following relationship: 

      Clients --------< ClientEquipmentJoin >-------------- Equipment (both Client and Equipment have Allow Creation in the Join Table) 

      I have a few portals, one in the Equipment table (displaying related data from join table) which works fine when I add client information e.g associate Client Id with Equipment Id in a join table. Now in my Clients table I have a similar portal which shows info from the join table but it shows the Equipment that a given client has (displaying related data from join table). In this portal I have fkEquipmentId (join table field) and Item Name (from equipment table). When I associate a client with an item in the equipment table everything works fine and as it should and the fields are established in the join table but  when i go into the clients table and look at the portal in there the fkEquipmentId is filled with the correct equipment id but the EquipmentName is not filled - when I go into File > Manage > Database and then just close it again - the item name appears? Could this be a glitch with FIlemaker or something I'm doing? 




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          Is Equipment::ItemName the field that is appearing blank in the portal row?

          Is it a text field or a calculation field?

          This isn't typical behavior for a text field, but there are cases where a calculation field may fail to evaluate or display correctly until the window is refreshed.

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            Equipment::ItemName is a text field, other fields do not appear straight away either in the portal row such as Manufacturer, Model Number etc...the _fkEquipmentId always appears but the following information pertaining to that record does not.  After a few minutes playing around in other layouts and Manage > Database then it seems to appear. I do have a few scripts none of them tied to buttons or related to portals though. 

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              Try creating a brand new layout based on Clients. Give it a brand new portal based on ClientEquipmentJoin. Add the fields to it. Do not copy any objects from the original layout to paste into this layout.

              Do you get the same behavior?

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                I deleted the join table and created a new one, seems to have fixed the problem! Maybe a problem with fields on the join table. Strange behavior, thanks for your help.