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Portal join table glitch

Question asked by KylerPhilips on Apr 22, 2015
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Portal join table glitch


I seem to have a really strange problem with displaying related data in a portal. 

I have the following relationship: 

Clients --------< ClientEquipmentJoin >-------------- Equipment (both Client and Equipment have Allow Creation in the Join Table) 

I have a few portals, one in the Equipment table (displaying related data from join table) which works fine when I add client information e.g associate Client Id with Equipment Id in a join table. Now in my Clients table I have a similar portal which shows info from the join table but it shows the Equipment that a given client has (displaying related data from join table). In this portal I have fkEquipmentId (join table field) and Item Name (from equipment table). When I associate a client with an item in the equipment table everything works fine and as it should and the fields are established in the join table but  when i go into the clients table and look at the portal in there the fkEquipmentId is filled with the correct equipment id but the EquipmentName is not filled - when I go into File > Manage > Database and then just close it again - the item name appears? Could this be a glitch with FIlemaker or something I'm doing?