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Portal layout only displays data irregularly

Question asked by StewartMcadoo on Aug 6, 2013
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Portal layout only displays data irregularly


     I have a layout with a portal containing related data.  The layout is for display only.  Basically there is a top level table with an id and associated data.  Another table contains related with the top level entry with the foreign key the same as the id in the top table.  The subordinate table is built up in a script. The layout shows data from the top level table and the portal containing the rows from the other table just constructed.  Now the problem...For some rows in the top level table I get the display I expect and for other rows in the top with out one or two fields populated in the second table the entire portal is not displayed.  At the end of the script that generates the second table I go to the layout with the portal as the last step expecting to see the second table (and I do for some entries in the top table), but nothing for others.  I've checked the portal setup and the relationships which appear to be correct.  I do populate the FK in the secondary table.  I'm at a loss about this display issue.  What have I missed?  btw, I'm running FM Pro 12 on a win7 machine.