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    Portal List based on tick box



      Portal List based on tick box


           Hi, I am wondering if it is possible to create a portal list that displays records based on whether or not a record's "Completed" field has been ticked or not. If not ticked then display the contents but if ticked hide them?

           How would I go about this if it is at all possible?


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               Create a global field that has the same Value as the checked checkbox ( i.e., 1 / True / Yes). 

               Then in the relationships graph, create another table occurrence of the table, and join them together.

               YourTable::TickBox >---[=]----| YourTable 2::Global_Ticked

               Then create a portal based on the 2nd occurrence of your table – the only records that will be in that table are ones that have been ticked.

               You'll probably also need to create a join between the primary key fields as well, so that only the ones for that record show.

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                 Instead of using a global field, you can also use a stored calculation field that always evaluates to the value of the tickbox field when a value is selected. This can save a few steps should you ever need to create a clone of your file--which produces an empty global field that then needs to be re-initialized with the original value.