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Portal List Box as record selector

Question asked by henrymorris on May 5, 2011
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Portal List Box as record selector


Hi all, You've probably answered this a zillion times - I've tried using many solutions but to no avail. I'm using FM 11. I have two tables, and want a portal in the Master table to show a selection of records in the Child table, with buttons next to them. Actually, this step is easy peasy and I've done it, complete with filtering on a certain field in the master table. Happy Days. Now, when I press a button on the portal I want to see info from the Child table appear (and be editable) in the Master Layout I am viewing. I've got the script to run, am using a global variable in Master Table to link to a copy of Child table to unique field yada yada, but it simply doesn't work. The script runs (works when I insert a beep command), but the setting of the global variable doesn't then show the related Child records. Any answers to get me over this hump would be very gratefully received. I have a raft of tools to use this technique but need a push. Thanks, Henry