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portal list linked to permanent id

Question asked by MelindaCorey on Dec 8, 2011
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portal list linked to permanent id


I hope I can explaiin what I need to do in way that makes sense... please bear with me, adn ask me questions if youneed clarification.  For the record I am on using FM Pro Advanced 11 on mac osX, am beginner-intermediate skill in FM.

We have a mailing list database the includes a Permanent ID field -- this field cannot be duplicated, everyone has a specific ID.  Years ago, the company assigned SSN for the permanent ID, but transistioned (for new people) to using FNameLnameZip for the permanent ID.  We still have a lot active accounts with the SSN, and we would like to get rid of all SSN in our DB.

The tricky part: our mailing list layout includes several portals that store course numbers for each individual -- linked to permanent id.  If I just change the permanent id, then I lose all record of the courses in which an individual participated, which also clears out information in a regitration database (also linked to the portal).

So, how do I change the permanent id without losing the inforamtion stored in the portal?