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Portal list not showing expected data

Question asked by pdoak_1 on Oct 4, 2010
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Portal list not showing expected data


I am new to FMP and have read the manuals but am struggling with my first database.  The database contains 3 tables: Master company list - contains static information about each company, Company snapshot data - this contains details of each company at monthly intervals and a review table - holds reveiw notes regarding each company along with the date of review.

Each table contains the SEDOL number of the company which is unique.  The three tables have been joined with this match.  

I am trying to  build a layout which will allow the user to select an industry type ( this information is stored in the Master Company list table) and display all companies within this industry along with their respective data from the Company Snapshot table.  

I am encountering two problems.  Firstly, I can't seem to display all companies within a sector using a portal as the sector information only appears in the Master list and not the Company Snapshot table.  Secondly, when I have this list, how can I specify that I only want the most recent (ie. from a date perspective) record from the Company Snapshot table and not all records relating to that company.

Many thanks