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Portal Listing items from Repeating field

Question asked by MikeSwanson on Jun 19, 2012
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Portal Listing items from Repeating field


Hi, Using FM12 (Windows) and i am stuck on problem which i am sure i came across before.

I Have a products table with a repeating field (6) which holds item numbers. These numbers refer to other item numbers in products2 table linked by ProdID = SubProdID. Purpose of which = eg ProdID 14700 will consist of 4 other items held in the same table, ProdId 15667 and 15765.

The portal on record for ProdID 14700 needs to show 15667 and 15765 in its lines of info

The repeating field only holds a max of 6 entrys but how do i get the portal to see all the repeating fields data ?


Any help/ pointers appreciated.