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Portal lookup in active table

Question asked by LarsGrieten on Feb 13, 2013
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Portal lookup in active table


     Hi all,

     Filemaker-amateur over here! I now have a DBase where i store procedures. In this large tables all the steps of every patient are stored. Since each procedure has multiple steps there is an indicator that specifies which measured values correspond to which step. !!!Important, steps vary between patients so a standardized protocol is not possible.

     The thing I would like to create is that when the operator is inserting the values in the layout, and he is adding a new step, there is portal that shows which steps he already entered. If you work in multiple tables this is easy by using a portal that performs the lookup. However when I try this i cannot make a portal that looksup the values for the table I'm actively working in.

     In the attached figure you can see my layout and the box in orange is what I would like to have, this is not a working portal (made this with text labels). The other figure shows the table.

     So my question: Is there a way to create a portal lookup for the active table you are working in? so you have a nice overview of the different steps you already performed?


     If not clear or other pictures are required please let me know!

     Thanks a lot!!