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    portal making lines in another portal why?



      portal making lines in another portal why?



      I have a table called CONTRACT_EVALUATION another called DATA _CATCH and DBE_FIRMS.

      DATA_CATCH is like a link table to get fields from DBE_FIRMS to CONTRACT_EVALUATION.

      My portal on CONTRACT_EVALUATION works fine it comes from the DATA_CATCH table

      Then I added another table called SB_FIRMS and linked through the DATA_CATCH to the CONTRACT EVALUATION TABLE. Made a portal again linked to the DATA_CATCH and it to worked in pulling up the info from SB_FIRMS.

      However if I enter three items into my the DBE portal it make 3 blank lines in the SB portal. I still can enter information in the SB portal and it comes up but how do I make it quit leaving these blank lines. I'm thinking that it has something to do with the fact that both portals open to the DATA_CATCH table but not sure.

      Thank you

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          Can you post a picture of your relationship graph? You can click the edit post link for your first post here and use the controls toward the bottom to upload a screen shot.

          I think you have this situation somehweres in your relationship graph:


          With allow creation of records enabled for Table2 on the Table1--<Table2 relationship and also for Table3 on the Table2>---Table3 relationship.

          If that's the case, then an action from a table1 layout that creates a new record in Table3 will also create a new record in Table2. I've done this in the past by typing data into the bottom blank row of a portal to Table3 that I placed on a layout to table1. This type of action causes FileMaker to first create a new record in Table2 so that there is a valid relationship that can be used to create the new table in Table3.

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            I think this is what you have here.

            You have a layout that refers to "Evaluation" in Layout Setup... and a portal to DVBE_SB_DBE_EVAL or to DBE for recording DBE data and a portal to DVBE_SB_DBE_EVAL for recording links to SB data. When you use the portal to create new records for DBE data, this action creates new related records in DVBE_SB_DBE_EVAL. Since your portal for SB data uses the same Evaluation to DVBE_SB_DBE_EVAL relationship, these new records will also appear in the SBE portal.

            To eliminate this, you'll need to either create a different relationship, define a separate join table for SBE data or place a filter on the SBE portal that omits the DBE link records. (If you are using FileMaker 11.)

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              so are you saying to place a join table between the DVBE_SB_DBE_EVAL table and the DBE table?

              And if so would I have to creat a primary key and a foreign key for the join table?

              Slightly confused getting a little over my head.

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                I'm saying that you could (may or may not be a good idea), define a new join table that links Evaluation to SBE. That will keep any data entry actions involved with DBE data from creating related records in the SBE portal.

                I can't tell from what you've posted so far as to why you have so many different tables all linking via the same join table instead of using a separate join table for each. There can be reasons for setting things up this way, but I don't know enough about your system to tell if that is an appropriate design for your system or not.

                What I can see, is that any join record created to link an evaluation record to a record in any one of these table occurrences (DBE, DVBE, SB, Uncertified Firms, Unlisted_DBE) will appear in any portal to the DVBE_SB_DBE_EVAL table occurrence because they will all link to Join table record to an Evaluation record by the evaluation number from _kp_evaluation in the evaluation table.

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                  The reason that I have some many tables joined to one join table is because I have different types of licensed businesses That I need to pull from. The other reason is because I finally was getting the portal to work (properly I thought). I'm really a beginner to FM still. I have read several books and am still confused. I tried what you just said but know I don't even see the portal. Is there anyway I could send this to you and you could show me how to set the relationship, if not I understand.


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                    Okay I tried this. I can put the firm number in the portal on the new join table but the firm name doesn't populate once I do that. is my setup wrong?


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                      Yes, but you can pull from different tables without needing them to all use the same join table. One thing I can't see from your post is whether any or all of the DBE, DVBE, SB, Uncertified Firms, Unlisted_DBE tables refer to the same data source table or whether each refer to different data source tables. (Data source tables are the tables listed on the Tables Tab of Manage | Database. Table Occurrences refer to the "boxes" on the Relationships tab.)

                      I've haven't actually told you that you should use a separate join table, only pointed out that this is one way to keep the different related records separate from each other. I've also mentioned that portal filtering might be an option.

                      If you want me to take a quick look at your file, you can save a clone of it and upload the clone to a file sharing site, then post the link to here for me or others to download and examine.

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                        Thanks, I know I'm close just can't seem to wrap my head around it.

                        Here is the database:

                        Just incase the link didn't load here is the url:  http://www.sendspace.com/file/3lz5oj

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                          That's a very large file. Did you save a clone of it (empty of records). Records are OK on my end, but I'm concerned that you may have uploaded sensitive data. I've downloaded the file from the share link. The forum doesn't permit uploading anything but image files and only to the first message of the thread.

                          File is downloaded. I'll look at it later today. (Not a great share site by the way, the misleading download buttons, popups etc. are a bit more annoying than some other sites out there.)

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                            Thank you I appreciate it. The records that are included are public info so there were no worries. I didn't know what was meant by "clone", now I get it just the shell right. What site would you recommend for file sharing for future reference? Sned me a couple references if you would sometimes I have a hard time getting around the companies firewall.

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                              Can you click my avatar icon and send me a  private message with the account name and password?