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Portal not creating a new record

Question asked by JessOttman on Jan 6, 2011
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Portal not creating a new record



New to portals:

I have 2 tables sales order and hoses. In hoses i have all the records i want to loo up from sales order.

I created a portal in sales order showing records from hoses using 2 fields from sales order (part number) and (description) to diplay them.

So when i select my description my part number comes up accordingly, the two tables are linked by

sales order::description=hose name::hoses i have allow records to be created etc ticked on the hoses side.

When i enter browse mode i can select only one row.It doesnt give the option of more records below.

Sometimes it shows two rows but their values are identical whatever i select.

Also when i 'ctrl n' to another whole record nothing on the portal works i cant click anything.

I know there is probably lots of mistakes so..

Any help greatly appreciated!