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    Portal not creating a new record



      Portal not creating a new record



      New to portals:

      I have 2 tables sales order and hoses. In hoses i have all the records i want to loo up from sales order.

      I created a portal in sales order showing records from hoses using 2 fields from sales order (part number) and (description) to diplay them.

      So when i select my description my part number comes up accordingly, the two tables are linked by

      sales order::description=hose name::hoses i have allow records to be created etc ticked on the hoses side.

      When i enter browse mode i can select only one row.It doesnt give the option of more records below.

      Sometimes it shows two rows but their values are identical whatever i select.

      Also when i 'ctrl n' to another whole record nothing on the portal works i cant click anything.

      I know there is probably lots of mistakes so..

      Any help greatly appreciated!


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          With your current design, your portal can only list records where the description field in Sales matches the hose field. There's no way to select different types of hoses and see them all listed in the same portal.

          Seems like you need at least three tables here: Sales Order, Hoses, LineItems.


          SalesOrder::OrderID = LineItems::OrderID
          LineItems::ItemID = Hoses::ItemID

          You'd place a portal to LineItems on your sales order layout and use looked up value field options to look up descriptions, prices from the Hoses table. You'd select an item by selecting its part number from a drop down that uses a value list that displays both part numbers and hose names in two columns.

          Using a relationship between lineItems and Hoses that is based on the name field could be done, but it locks you into a specific name or description. Change the name and link breaks.

          You might want to examine this demo file uploaded by Comment:  


          In it, your "hoses" table is named "products".

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            Thank you it has worked brilliantly many many many thanks!