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Portal not displaying all related records

Question asked by SydneyBlock on Mar 6, 2015
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Portal not displaying all related records


This has happened a couple times now, and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to solve it. Here's some background info.

Vehicle Incident Report table related to Corrective Actions 3 (table occurence 3) by field xE_VehicleID (serial number field, can't modify) to field xC_VehicleID (standard number field).

To add additional corrective actions, there is field g_CorrNum (serial number field, can't modify) related to field AppCorrNum (standard number field) and a set field script step of

 Set Field [Vehicle Incident Report::g_CorrNum; Vehicle Incident Report::g_CorrNum +1]

Now the issue I'm having is, I also have a printable layout for Vehicle Incident Reports and I now need to place a portal on that layout to show all related incidents. The portal only displays the most recent related incident, although the other is still out there (not like the information just reset itself and cleared). The portal records are sorted by date, but I cannot figure out why the portal only displays the most recent record. Any suggestions?