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Portal not displaying all values

Question asked by dicksmith on Apr 20, 2011
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Portal not displaying all values


I've got two tables, Members and Projects, related through a join table Members_Projects.  To find a particular member, I use Find mode to locate the desired member.  I want to display all projects (Projects::Name_of_project) owned by the member in the found set.  Other fields to be displayed in the portal are: Members_Projects::date_invested and Members_Projects::cost.  The layout containing the portal is set to "show records from: Members", else the Find Member process doesn't work.

The portal displays all the Projects, as desired, but the other two fields show only the data from the first project found. What's wrong here? I've tried switching the "home" table of the portal layout, but then the portal gives me only one project. Should I be sorting one of the tables in the portal definition?  Or something else?  Thanks for insight you can offer on portal definition and display.