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Portal not displaying imported records

Question asked by JonathanMarcus_1 on May 1, 2013
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Portal not displaying imported records


     This is my first posting on this site (or any forum site for that matter), so I apologize if I dont follow all standard protocol.

     I have a problem with a database and was able to replicate the problem in a way that I think will make it easy (hopefully) for someone out there to solve, by eliminating any possible variables.  I have replicated the problem in Filemaker 11 Advanced on a PC and Filemaker 10 Advanced on a Mac.

     Using the starter solution "Registrations" , I simply imported records from another database.  I only imported 2 fields. First Name  and Last name.  Then I created an event and attempted to add some contacts to the event.  The portal is supposed to dispat the name, email, and a checkbox field. Fortunatley this checkbox field has a border.  Since the border appears, indicating the portal recognizes a record exists, I dont know why it does not display the first and last name.  If I manually enter a new record and add that person to the event, the portal works perfectly for all fields. 

     Any idea why this happens?

     Thanks in advance for your help.