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portal not re-sorting

Question asked by TomPingel on Apr 22, 2015
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portal not re-sorting


I'm having trouble making a portal re-sort after changing one of the rows.

I 'go to related record' from one of the portal rows, do some processing on another layout that results in changing the field used to sort the portal, and return to the screen with the portal. The portal has not been 're-sorted'. I try going to other layouts and returning, go to layout or preview mode and return to browse, etc. and the portal is still out of sequence.

The only reliable way to cause the portal to sort properly is to close the database and reopen it. Not an acceptable solution.

The field is a calculation field that is simply '=<field from related table>' where that other field is what changed. I was forced to do that to be able to sort on the value in the portal.

Including both the calculated and source field in the portal shows they are identical.

Any suggestions?