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    Portal not showing expected results



      Portal not showing expected results


      Portals and Table Occurrences have always been the most difficult pieces to understand on my journey to learn FileMaker more fully.

      I have a solution where a Customer layout has an Orders portal and shows an order history of past orders - doing exactly what I think they should do.

      Here's my problem with an Invoicing solution.

      Customers---<Invoices---->Line items<---Products

      The Invoice layout has a portal for entering Line Items and it works correctly.

      My problem is I am trying to make a layout with a Tab Control that is similar to the Invoice Starter Solution.

      I want to show All, Current, Overdue, and Paid - one in each tab with the contents filtered by each portal.

      The closest I have been able to get, while getting the first portal for "All" going, is to use the Invoice Table on a layout with Line Items as the Portal.

      I am using these fields currently:  Line Items::Invoice Number, Customers::Company Name, Line Items::Date Created, and Invoice::Total.

      The output I get is only one invoice number and then the line item entries as they were entered on the invoice.

      How do I get ALL the invoice numbers in the line item table to show up and also to overcome the separate line items with timestamp?

      Am I better off just going into some type of List View or report for the output I'm looking for.  In the starter solution, it's not in a tab control but it is a portal. 

      I guess I don't understand why all of the invoice numbers aren't showing up in the portal. I'm pretty sure I can get around the individual timestamps by just using an Invoice::invoice date field.





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          Why is this on an invoices layout if you want to list multiple invoices? Shouldn't this be placed on a customers layout so that you list all invoices for a given customer rather than all line items for the current invoice?

          Regardelss of whether you use a portal on Invoices or one based on customers, you then have the option of either setting up different table occurrences of Invoices to use for your portals, each with different match field combinations to produce your portals to get your portals listing "all", "overdue", "current" and "paid" invoices to appear or you can use one table occurrence and set up portal filters to limit those shown to be members of one of the above categories. (You can even use just one portal with a value list formatted field for selecting the category instead of different tab panels if you wish.)

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            That's what is throwing me for a loop.  I have tried using Customers layout with showing related records from Invoices and even Customers showing related records from Line Items and it comes back blank.

            What else could I have done wrong?  I have the feeling it's something stupidly simple but I've spent several hours on something that usually just works.

            Is there any chance that something could be wrong with the file, or is that not likely to affect such a specific functionality?

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              Let's start with clarifying what you want.

              Do you want to list invoices or line items?

              Do you want to list them for the current customer on a customer's layout?

              For the current invoice's customer?

              For all invoices that are "past due", no matter who the current customer?

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                Ok - here's what I found.

                After reading your last response, I went to the Customer layout where an actual customer information was located and dropped a portal for invoices in there after creating two dummy invoices - these are the only invoices for this customer.

                They displayed normally - Date, Name, Inv#, Amount  - 

                This is the output I'm trying to get for all customers who have invoices:

                Date, Name, Inv# and Amount Total of the invoice.

                I copied the portal and dropped it into my Accts Receivable dashboard layout, based on table "Customers" and it displayed exactly the same on that portal - same two dummy invoices with proper date and amount for same customer.

                I went back to the customer portal and changed the current customer to a customer that didn't have any invoices - then, the portal in the Accts Receivable dashboard layout shows nothing.

                Apparently, whatever I'm doing wrong is only allowing the current customer on the customer form to display their history on my dashboard.

                This dashboard is on a layout based on Customer Table, with a portal pulling from Invoices.

                How do I get the portal to show all of the customer records on my Accts Receivable layout?

                I hope I described it accurately enough to tell me what dumb thing I'm doing wrong.

                Thank you. Sorry it was out of sequence but I opened up the reply window before your last reply below.

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                  Sounds like an issue with your relationships. I would assume that your relationship  for Accts Receivable is based on a different Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences? than your Customer layout. Since the table occurrences for the two layouts are different, you get different results for the same portal on your two layouts.

                  You'd need to describe your relationships in more detail before I can suggest a solution.

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                    You'd need to describe your relationships in more detail before I can suggest a solution.