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Portal not showing expected results

Question asked by JeffBroderick on Sep 14, 2014
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Portal not showing expected results


Portals and Table Occurrences have always been the most difficult pieces to understand on my journey to learn FileMaker more fully.

I have a solution where a Customer layout has an Orders portal and shows an order history of past orders - doing exactly what I think they should do.

Here's my problem with an Invoicing solution.

Customers---<Invoices---->Line items<---Products

The Invoice layout has a portal for entering Line Items and it works correctly.

My problem is I am trying to make a layout with a Tab Control that is similar to the Invoice Starter Solution.

I want to show All, Current, Overdue, and Paid - one in each tab with the contents filtered by each portal.

The closest I have been able to get, while getting the first portal for "All" going, is to use the Invoice Table on a layout with Line Items as the Portal.

I am using these fields currently:  Line Items::Invoice Number, Customers::Company Name, Line Items::Date Created, and Invoice::Total.

The output I get is only one invoice number and then the line item entries as they were entered on the invoice.

How do I get ALL the invoice numbers in the line item table to show up and also to overcome the separate line items with timestamp?

Am I better off just going into some type of List View or report for the output I'm looking for.  In the starter solution, it's not in a tab control but it is a portal. 

I guess I don't understand why all of the invoice numbers aren't showing up in the portal. I'm pretty sure I can get around the individual timestamps by just using an Invoice::invoice date field.