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    Portal not working



      Portal not working


      I had created a file with two layout inside. This two layout are One Delivery Order and One Job Process Record. All this two layout is relationship

      with a field can Job No. And at the Job Process Record Layout I create a field call Invoice and with drop down list of COMPLETED, NOT COMPLETED and TO Bill. I also had another field call Billing and been set like below:

      Case ( Job No = Delivery Order::Job No: and Invoice = "Not Complete"; "To Bill" ; 

      Job No = Delivery Order::Job No: and Invoice = "Completed"; "Completed" ; 

      Job No = Delivery Order PEARSON::Job No and Invoice = "Completed"; "Completed" ;

      Job No = Delivery Order PEARSON::Job No ; "To Bill" ; 

       Job No  ≠  Delivery Order::Job No: ; "Not Complete" ;



      All this work fine, only problem i have is that i create another layout with portal and a field with drop down list : Completed, Not Completed and To bill.  I set the relationship with the Job process record layout field: TO Bill.


      But they is nothing come out on the portal. Here i try to use the portal method to show only the data on TO Bill or Not Complete


      Is anyone can help.





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          Thank you for your post.


          Can you tell me more about the two tables?  In order to reference the two files, they must be related.  What field(s) makes up the relationship?  Can you give me an example where this isn't working?



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