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    portal not working



      portal not working


      I have two excel files that I have imported into FMP rel 11. one of them consists of author,title, status information. the other contains multiple records for each title.  I am trying to construct a portal that will allow me to display several fields for each repeating record when I use the layout for the first file. I have created a relationship between the two tables using the title field of the first and what I'll call the subject for the second. this is a one to many relationship. I have created the portal on the layout for the first file. But, no fields from the second file are displayed for any of the records in the first file. I have re-done the construction several times, checking everything, and cannot see anything wrong. I would appreciate any suggestions on what I may be doing wrong.


      The only two weird things about these files I can think of are one, that they are imported excel worksheets, originating from different sources, and two, that the second file, the one with many records for each occurrence in the first file, also has numerous records that do not match up with any of the records in the first file.

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          The values between title and subject must be exact for the record to appear in the portal.


          Without a record in the first file the "orphaned" detail records will not show in the portal ever.


          Create layouts where you can simply view the tables of raw data then try and compare the matching fields


          You can create some calculation fields on your table to determine the length of the key string to determine if you have any leading or trailing space characters

          If the relationship is set between fields that are supposed to contain the same data then something is different between them.


          Try to resolve the differences between a specific 1 parent record and 1 related record and you may discover what is common to all.


          It could be something "invisible" in he excel data.







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            I had thought it might be a problem like what you described. I took one record from the first file and erased, then re-entered the title. I then went to the other file and did the same thing with the several records with the same title. I still don't get the related records to show in the portal. I'm still suspicious of the source of the data, but if my test didn't work, I don't see what the problem is! The two files do display different sized fields in the table view but I assume that FMP does not add blanks. 

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              I think I have solved the problem! I went back and looked at the field definitions, and found that for the second file with multiple occurrences, in the menu Manage Database/fields/options/storage, the value for repetitions had been set to 1. I bumped that to 50, and the record I modified as above showed all the occurrences from the second file, but none of the others did! So the problem indeed seems to be with hidden characters or blanks in one or both of the files.


              Now my problem is to clean up the contaminated fields-- no small task, since one file has about 500 entries and the other over 5000! Are there any places I can look for information on how to automate this process?

              Thanks for your help!

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                I thought I had this solved. I re-entered the same data for the appropriate fields in both files for still another record. out of the six records in the second table, only one appeared in the portal!

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                  Check the portal edit box to ensure that it shows the number of repetitions you are expecting.

                  The repetitions are still only considered 1 record as far as the portal is concerned.