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    Portal Not Working



      Portal Not Working



           I am new to using portals and am having a tough time for some reason. I am not sure why but the portal is blank and shows no records, yet there is a relationship between the 2 tables.

           I have a large project management DB that I have mocked a couple of records and layouts.

           For parts layout, I have part number, type, project, status, due date

           For project layout, I have meeting date, project, comment

              The 2 tables are linked by project.


           In the project layout, each record will have a meeting date and comments.

           The portal is used to show the project name, and due date.


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               Best guess is that you need to double click the relationship line between parts and project and enable "allow creation of records via this relationship" for the portal's table (occurrence).

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                 I tried that and if I add data to the project layout portal, the data shows up in the part layout, so there is a connection, but the info in the part layout still wont show up in the portal.

                 Another strange thing happened. I added one record and made the data "sdsd", then after inputting the data and checking if the information was visible in the parts layout, I deleted it. I went back to project layout and input a due date, and the previous entry of "sdsd" automatically appeared. I tried deleting again and still the same thing happened.

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                   I fixed the strange phenomenon, when I was trying different things with the table, the project was a global field.

                   I found that the record created in the field will stay in the portal, but if I make a new record in the project database, the portal will not get all records.

                   Is there some kind of refresh function or something that i am missing?

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                     but the info in the part layout still wont show up in the portal.

                     I don't see why the "info in the part layout" would show up in the portal as the match field values don't match.

                     Your relationship matches the value of Projects in the parts table to the value of Projects in the Projects table. I can't tell for sure, but from the text on the layout, it seems that you have a portal to Projects placed on your Parts layout.

                     If that is the case and the value of Projects in the current Parts record is "sdsd", then only Projects with "sdsd" will appear in this portal.

                     And this would match what you report when you tried to delete records. When you deleted a portal row from the portal, you deleted a Projects record, but when you look at records on the Parts layout you are not looking at Projects records, you are looking at Parts records and the Record with sdsd in the project field is not the record that you deleted, it's the Part Record that was current on your layout when you deleted that portal row record.

                     On the other hand, if this layout is based on Projects and the portal shows records from Parts, then only Parts records with "sdsd" will show in the portal. If you then deleted the Projects record by using Delete Record from the portal row, this again deletes the Project record but leaves the part record that you created in the portal to be visible on your Parts layout.