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Portal or relationship won't work

Question asked by jared67 on Jan 1, 2010
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Portal or relationship won't work


I'm having major problems with filemaker portals in a larger database.

The main issue is with three tables, Project, Items2Buy, and JOIN_Proj_Items.

Once I add a portal to Projects and/or Items2Buy I can't see the related items. I know how to do this trick, I've done it before. For sanity, I made a new database with the same three aforementioned tables, linked them together with some filler data and it worked fine. However, it's not working in the database I'm trying to use.

My JOIN_Proj_Items table works fine. I have an FK for Projects, and one for Items2Buy. I can pull in information to a record in the JOIN fine.

My portal is set to the JOIN table, I added fields from Projects or Items2Buy to pull in data, I've checked to make sure I was looking at the correct records for the effect. Both portals, the one in Projects, and the one in Items2Buy won't show my info.

I have a suspicion this has something to do with an overlinked Projects table. Filemaker balked at multiple connections to one table, so I ended up with an alias table, Project 3 to connect to my JOIN.

Elsewhere in my database I have 2 other JOIN tables. One works fine and another pair don't work, but I'm hoping the solution to this answer will solve my other problems.

I can email the file, but I'd rather not get to that since it's not one cohesive file but multiple files referenced together.