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    Portal Predicament!!!



      Portal Predicament!!!


      Hi all

      Just added a portal to my layout. layout setup says show records from sales. The portal lookS up records from another table which had its info imported. Portal says show records from hoz id and has part number and description fields in it.

      I have encounterd no data coming up, only my drop down description field working and not looking up the corresponding part number, and iv had the description field showing the same value over  and over again.

      I had the description field and the part number field working before i added the portal in relation to lookups

      only when i enter them to a portal they dont link or something?!

      Any help greatly appreciated

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          What do you have in manage | Database | Relationships?

          You should have something like this:

          Sales::SalesID = Hoz::SalesID

          But with fields you've likely named differently. Since you've imported this data, did the imported data get the needed value to match to a related Sales record? That's my best guess as to why you see an empty portal.

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            Hi Phil

            well at the moment the 2 fields i have linked in a relationship are,product id and description. Description is from imported data from another file and product is my created field.Both showing the names.

            When i click the product name the drop down lists comes down with all the options to choose from.However when i click my product say... wyrem 10 it picks aerflex 04 and doesn't give the corressponding part number, just a randomly picked part number not relevant to the selection i picked or what even what the portal showed.

            The portal displays 2 fields from sales table part number and product id,but they too aren't even corresponding to eachother.

            Ithink im making portal difficult than they are!!!

            any help greatly appreciated


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              the 2 fields i have linked in a relationship are,product id and description. Description is from imported data from another file and product is my created field.Both showing the names.

              I'm afraid that doesn't make any sense to me. Why would you link by both id AND description? ID should be sufficient to uniquely identify each item. Do you have this as a relationship?

              Sales::SalesID = Hoz::SalesID AND
              Sales::Description = Hoz::Description

              I don't see how that would work for you.

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                I phil

                no i only have Sales::Description = Hoz::Description in the relationship.At the moment i have the description fieldas a drop down list in the portal and it works but i just need the name that is selected to pull the corresponding part number in the field adjacent to it.

                Sorry if this is badly explained on my behalfany idea what iv done wrong with this portal?!

                many thanks


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                  That's the opposite of how I would set this up. The purpose for having an ID number is so that you can use that to link your tables so that any needed edits to a description field don't break any relationships.

                  You can set up a drop down list based on ID set up to show the Item number in column 1 and the description in column 2. Selecting an item, then enters the ID rather than the description.

                  Whether you make that change or keep things the way they are, there are two ways to "pull" data from the related table.

                  1) You can copy the data into a matching field. This preserves a "snap shot" of what the value was in the related table at the moment you selected your ID or Description from the value list. If changes are made to the related record, those changes will not appear in this record unless you do something like a relook up to update it.

                  2) You can just display the current value from the related table. With this approach, any changes in the related record will automatically show as updated here as well.

                  For option 1, you set a looked up value option on the field to copy the data from the related table. For option 2, you simply place the actual field from the related table into your layout.