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    Portal Printing



      Portal Printing




      Trying to set up a PDF email list of machines in a portal list.

      What i want to do is print equipment list on a second page if the equipment list is more then can be displayed on the first page.



      Page 1

      Portal list 1-11 machines ( no more room to list more)


      Page 2

      Portal list 12 - 22 machine ( it continues up to 50 records displayed)


      I thought if I set the Intilal row to #2 it will continue the records starting at record #12 but it just listed the same records.



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          Problem solved, Intial row continues the record list was looing over my list of records and noticed the change in second portal when I list intial row as 2


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            Did you mean Row 2 or Row 12?

            This is a common scenario - the best way to achieve what you want is to run the print from the table that the portal is based on.  By all means let the on-screen viewer view the detailed records in a portal (from the 'Parent' layout), but when they hit 'Print' quietly take them to the 'Child' table, do the print from there, and then return them to their original view.