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Portal Problem

Question asked by nickri2nc on Feb 1, 2010
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Portal Problem


Here's my issue:


2 tables


1. Key Data

Fields: 1. Last Name 2. First Name 3. SSN 4. Patient ID (Pulls first initial of First Name, first initial of last name and last 4 of SSN to create Patient ID)


2. Personal Info

Fields: Numerous Misc. Fields including Date of birth, Children, Birthplace etc.


Patient ID is the related field.  Under the Key Data table I have a portal to Personal Info which displays all of those fields (only one record is displayed at a time)


I have made it so you can create a new record through the portal. The issue is that say I entered the SSN incorrectly in the key data table. Now if I go back and change it, it treats it as a completely new and different record under the Personal Info table so all of that information disappears and has to be re-entered. Any way around this?


Thanks for any comments