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Portal problem

Question asked by RedzwanLatif on Jul 14, 2012
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Portal problem


Hi. I have three tables named Patient, CheckIn/Out and Clinical. The tables are related:

Patient::pkpatientid = CheckIn/Out::fkpatientid

Clinical::pkclinicalid = CheckIn/Out::fkclinicalid

pk = Primary key

fk = Foreign key

There's a field called "Date" with auto-enter creation date. In the Clinical table layout, I want to put a portal to show the "Date" field from CheckIn/Out. So, I can show the dates that the patient has checked-in. For example, there is a patient record in the Patient table. The patient have already checked in for three times. So in the clinical layout, a portal will show the three dates he checked-in. How to do this? Do I need any occurrences?

Thank you :)