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    Portal Problem



      Portal Problem


           We have a simple relationship whereby we want to put a selected Date from a  drop down calendar inside a Portal Field.

           I have attached a jpg of the TO.  We had it working for a demo and then it stopped.  Stumped why it went from populatinjg the field  to not doing it any more.

           The Relationship is:


           RESOURCES> Public_School_Flag :: PDDay_PUBLIC>SchoolType .... Date is the Field we want the Dropdown.

           See attached Diagram.

           What we want to do is go into the Portal and just create a new record and input a Date in the Drop Down Calendar.


           Thanks in advance.


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               And exactly how does this fail? (Can you provide more detail?)

               What you desribe sounds like you need to put a portal to PDDays_Public on your Resources layout and then format PDDays_Public::Dates with the drop down calendar option in the Inspector.

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                 We used to have the date field in the Portal populate properly then is simply stopped.

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                   Let me try that....

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                          populate properly

                     Is very vague. What are you supposed to do in order to get it to "populate properly"?

                     What is happening instead?

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                       What we do is Click on the Date Field

                       Calendar opens

                       Select date

                       Then run a report of a series of dates.

                       We can't get to the Calendar opening any more.

                       Image coming (see below).

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                    /files/b1a96be3d0/CG.2.jpg 1079x562
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                           This is the opposite from what I understood to be the case.

                           Your layout is based on PDDays_Public and your portal is based on Resources.

                           But the only field that I see named "Dates" is not a field defined in the Resources table, but it is defined in PDDays_Public and that does not make sense here. If you are specifying a date from PDDays_Public here, that would be the same date for all related Resources records shown in the portal, and thus there would be no need for this portal nor could you use this portal to assign different dates to different resources records.

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                             Sorry for not being clear, I am not coding this, Kavindu is.  What he is trying to do is work out a layout with the Portal where a School can input it's Professional Development Days. There are a large number of schools and each school sets its own dates and all are different. There are also two shool systems to track.

                             He is using the portal to collect those dates for each individual school and then print a report for that school only.

                             How would you suggest approaching this?

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                               You can't use the layout as designed as explained in my last posted comment.

                               If each record in PDDays_Public represents one Professional development day for one school (or one group of schools sharing the same calendar), then you need to use either use a list or table view layout based on PDDays_Public or a portal to PDDays_Public o a layout based on some other table than PDDays_Public.

                               I don't what purpose you have in mind for your Resouces table, but you can't use it to record the PD days for any school or group of schools as it does not even have a date field to use for that purpose.

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                                 OK, thanks, I will discuss this with Kav.  Thanks for your help.