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Portal problem (sorting records)

Question asked by mike_k on May 10, 2009
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Portal problem (sorting records)


The problem I am facing is that I have created a portal with different types of fields and I want to be able to sort those records.


The fields are called Docu. Name,Docu. Group,Docu. Type, Docu. Date


Now I am able to always sort them according to their date as i chose in (Portal Setup, specify sort and than chose the field docu. date),

but what i actually want is that i can press on the field e.g docu date and than it sorts all my documents according to the date they were created.


If i press on docu. type it should sort them according to their type....or if i need to see what group these documents are in,I can press on the field docu. group and it sorts them according to the group they are in......


while what I have now it will always be sorted by date.



How is that possible?I've tried it through setting up each field by (button setup,sort records)....but it somehow does not sort them once I've done all that and than click on either of the fields it never sorts them accordingly. Maybe its because it is a portal but I'm not sure about that...however this is the only reason I can think of why it isn't working.



I hope anyone understands what I'm trying to do