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Portal Problems

Question asked by swainja85 on Jul 9, 2011
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Portal Problems


FileMaker Pro 11. (NOT Advanced)

Okay. So a little less known business for a database but it is still a business. I'm trying to construct a DB that tracks the activity of dancers: the number of dances they perform, the house fee for the number of dances, the number of drinks they sell, and the revenue generated by drink sales generated at a strip club... I need to track the cash in the tills, one at the door and one behind the bar. I do not understand the lingo very well. Please be patient... When I use a portal to enter the dancer information it pulls up one girls name and I select the proper girls name and it clears everything in the portal out. I have racked my brain on this for 2 days now. I have run out of ideas. I have a many to one relationship based on a field I called _kp_number_dancer it's an auto fill that is unique and always occupied. I have a report serial number _kp_number_report. One more table pulls the dancers name from a list and tries to populate the portal field... where am I going wrong?