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    portal problems



      portal problems


      Hey there,

      I seem to have a problem with getting a portal to work properly. I know how to create one but it is now not showing any data.

      My database consists of two tables, one for products in which each product gets a new record and the other table shows information about the manufacturers of these products. Each product in the product table has a field with the manufacturer but I want to be able to show all the products, belonging to the same manufacturer, in a 'productlist' in the table of the manufacturer.

      Somewhere I seem to miss something and I think it has to do with relationships, which I find quite difficult. Right now, there is a one to many relationship between the two tables from the field 'manufacturer ID' in the table 'manufacturers' to the field 'manufacturer' in the table 'products'.I have made this realtionship so that when I fill in the manufacturers name in the table 'products', it allows me to choose the manufacturer from the list of manufacturers determined in the table 'manufacturers'.

      The idea in the end is this. When viewing a product, I want to be able to simply click on the name of the manufacturer and view the record of the manufacturer. When viewing the list of products by a certain manufacturer, I want to be able to click on the product and go to its record.

      Does someone know how to get this working?


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          I am assuming you are working on a layout based on the manufacturer file where you have the Manaufacturer ID field. The portal that you add in this layout  than needs to be based on the product file. This way it will display records from the products file where Manaufacturer field = Manufacturer ID field from the manufacturers file.

          If you've done that and nothing shows .... is it possible that your fields are just sitting outside of the portal edge or on the edge,if that is the case they will not show either.


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            Hello Kat11,

            I have retried making the portal a number of times and nothing helped. I made the portal in layout mode on the manufacturers table. there i have a tabcontrol with a tab called products. the portal will be the only field on this tab. when i am on this tab, i selected portal tool and i drew a small field on this tab. then i selected the products table in the 'show related records from' field. after clicking ok, i added the fields to the portal, in my case 'manufacturer name' and 'product name'. then i clicked ok again. when i saved the layout and returned to the browse mode, still nothing shows.

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              and the current manuafacturer on your layout with the portal has products in the product table? Or in outher words is the portal empty for all manufacturesrs?

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                It sounds like you are attempting to match products to manufacturer by the name of the manufacturer. If so, are both manufacturer fields of type text or might one or both be of type number? You can check this by finding the definitions for the two fields in Manage | Database | Fields.

                Once you get this figured out so that you see the expected records in your portal, I recommend that you use a Serial number field, ManufacturerID, defined in your Manufacturer table matched to a number field of similar name in your products table. Manufacturer names can't be guaranteed to be unique and just like people, companies do change their names from time to time and handling a change in name when you have records in a related table linked by that name can be a bit of a problem to update without losing the link between records. Using the serial ID instead avoides this issue.

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                  Hey PhilModJunk,

                  I am still having problems with getting the portal to work. i have made the relations as in the picture.

                  When I make the portal in the table of manufacturers, the portal still doesn't show the products with that particular manufacturer

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                    What you show is three table occurrences for three tables.

                    So if you set up a layout based on Products and put a portal based on ProductPortal, it's empty?

                    Do you have multiple manufacturers for the same product? (If you don't, you don't need three tables.)

                    From the screen shot given, Manu_name and Manu_Product_ID should be text fields so you need to check Manage | Database | Fields to confirm that they are both text. (The names you have suggest that Manu_Product_ID is a number field instead of a text field.)

                    Then you need to confirm that you have records in ProductPortal that have exactly the same text in Manu_product_ID as exist in Manu_Name of the Products record. You may want to copy the text from Manu_Name, change to a layout for ProductPortal, enter find mode and paste the copied text into Manu_Product_ID and perform the find. If no records are found, then you do not have any records in productportal that can appear in your portal for that product record.