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portal problems

Question asked by GigiTiemes on Jan 28, 2012
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portal problems


Hey there,

I seem to have a problem with getting a portal to work properly. I know how to create one but it is now not showing any data.

My database consists of two tables, one for products in which each product gets a new record and the other table shows information about the manufacturers of these products. Each product in the product table has a field with the manufacturer but I want to be able to show all the products, belonging to the same manufacturer, in a 'productlist' in the table of the manufacturer.

Somewhere I seem to miss something and I think it has to do with relationships, which I find quite difficult. Right now, there is a one to many relationship between the two tables from the field 'manufacturer ID' in the table 'manufacturers' to the field 'manufacturer' in the table 'products'.I have made this realtionship so that when I fill in the manufacturers name in the table 'products', it allows me to choose the manufacturer from the list of manufacturers determined in the table 'manufacturers'.

The idea in the end is this. When viewing a product, I want to be able to simply click on the name of the manufacturer and view the record of the manufacturer. When viewing the list of products by a certain manufacturer, I want to be able to click on the product and go to its record.

Does someone know how to get this working?