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Portal Problems

Question asked by ClaudiuNemes on Mar 14, 2012
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Portal Problems


Hi there,

I have problems displaying multiple rows in a portal. Let me explain the db structure.

I have 2 database files: StudentsDB and MentorsDB.

StudentsDB have a field called "Mentor" a pop-up menu that takes the "Surname" and "Name" (value list from another file) from MentorsDB.

MentorsDB have a portal called "Mentored Students" that have to display students data like "Surname", "Name", "School" etc.

In StudentDB I have no related tables.

In MentorsDB I have a related table "Students" from StudentsDB and a join table "Mentored Students"

So the table structure for MentorsDB is

Mentors -> Mentored Students <- Students

M_ID -> M_ID

            S_ID <- S_ID

            Surname <- Surname

            Name <- Name

            School <- School

Well I think I try all possible combinations in order to display the mentord students in MentorsDB portal. Nothing seems to work. Could anyone give me some suggestions?

Many thanks for your time,


Claudiu Nemes