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    Portal Problems



      Portal Problems


           Hello Friends,

           Newby here.  I have an accounting DB.  One table holds account names and has a key for each of those account records.  The other is a table of transactions.  The Transaction table has fields for transactions: Key, date, acct FROM, amt $ of transaction, and acct TO. 

           I just learned how to do Portals and it works well, but only when I do the fillowing:

            I can create a relationship from the Acct Tbl key to the acct FROM field 'OR' I can create a relationship from the Acct Tbl key to the acct TO field and have the portal work but I can't get the portal to work when I develop a relationship to BOTH of the acct fields in the transaction table.  I have to have the portal show the results of both of the fields.  How do I do this?  Please give me simple explanations I'm new and want to understand this.

           TIA for your help,


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               Create another key field by calculation:

               AcctFromOrTo = acct FROm & "<insert Pilcrow, return character here>" & acct TO

               and use that to relate to.

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                 Sorbsbuster, that worked perfectly!

                 Thank you!


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                   Hi Friends,

                   This solution worked well but now when I create a Layout which shows the AcctTo field it just shows the key number and not the AcctName.  How do I get the name to show?



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                     We'd need to know how your database is designed to answer that.

                     The following is a guess:

                     Is the AcctName field a field from a related table? Perhaps AcctTo is formatted as a pop up menu in it's original layout so that its value list enters the key number, but displays the name? If there is a valid relationship based on this field to the table where you have the name, just include the name field from that related table on your layout.

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                       An easy way is to create the account name in the same table as you are dragging the AcctTo field from.  Just make it = AccountName by the realationship it has back to the Accounts Table or wherever the name is stored.